Thursday, March 31, 2005 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-56
Show day for Kevn and Sarah Lee Guthrie.

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These police cars are no longer unmarked.... Gwen spots a famous Hollywood resident (discount framing for Sci-Fi objects). Another reminder of our recent trip! We lunch at Pink's.
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There's quite a line. A familiar face in the crowd! Kibble likes any of dogs with a pastrami topping. The other side.
imgp3040 imgp3041 imgp3043 imgp3045 imgp3046
And back to the King King for lots of establishing shots. The back end (where one actually enters).
imgp3048 imgp3050 imgp3052 imgp3054 imgp3055
Wow--Kevn gets some advertising! A sidewalk seal outside a check-cashing place
imgp3056 imgp3057 imgp3058 imgp3059 imgp3060
resembles the actual stars on the Walk of Fame. The parking lot fills. Kevn does his