Monday, February 28, 2005 1-25 | 26-35
First full day: Southbank.

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Gwen is all suited up (except for her hat) for our first full day in London. We find our way to Piccadilly Circus and the Statue of Eros. A long walk toward the London Eye and you can see how temperatures just above freezing add a bit of color to my cheeks (as we cross the Golden Jubilee Bridge). Gwen blinks as we board our capsule.
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Gwen poses in front of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament while I spot an approaching, angry pterodactyl. Maybe we'll pass the capsule ahead of us soon. The motors that spin the wheel. Looking back to the supports for the axle.
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Gwen on the other side of the Houses of Parliament. Oh, yeah. This thing is coming down.... No doubt this ladder can tell some stories! Looking back to the Golden Jubilee Bridge.
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Looking south, up the Thames. Thanks to my 5x zoom, I can capture Buckingham Palace. We get higher. They're still ahead of us, and they're at the summit. And here we are at the summit.
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The air seems (slightly) clearer up here. I spot Trafalgar Square. Looking down on London County Hall. Approaching the end.