Monday, June 6, 2005 1-25 | 26-41
A trip back to Raleigh/Durham and touching base with Duke University.

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We've arrived at RDU. King's favorite burger place in Raleigh (Fat Daddy's), which is part of the Eure dynasty. Fishmonger's was never a bg destination for us while we lived in Durham, but Satisfaction in its "new" location was always worth the wait (unequalled onion strings!) Rear balconies across from Brightleaf Square have an attractive fan motif.
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And then we re-visit the Duke campus, where it all started. The computer store has been moved to the basement of the Bryan Center along with these lovely neighbors. The top floor of the Bryan Center still features the Lobby Shop (also called the "Airport Store"), which was convenient, if overpriced. Gwen rhapsodizes about the bathrooms while King waits patiently.
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Lovely concrete work. The trifecta of Gothic Bookshop, University Store, and Lobby Shop. Nice gutters. The bench tradition continues, although they don't look like they could as easily be added to a bonfire. Gwen and the Chapel.
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Outside the Great Hall (known to us as "The Pits" back then). Gwen and the Chapel again. Continuing around to Page Auditorium. The imposing Chapel. Taking a breather.
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The main entrance to Page Auditorium. Bunnies for John. Comedy, tragedy, and a seal that resonates with me.