Friday, May 13, 2005
Our new HDR-HC1 HiDef videocamera arrives, and I try to size up how well it does stills. Thankfully, Kibble is always a willing (if oblivious) model.

dsc00001 dsc00002 dsc00007 dsc00008 dsc00009
Picture of my London desk picture widescreen and regular 4x3. Various lighting and
dsc00010 dsc00011 dsc00012 dsc00013 dsc00014
zoom settings with an easy-
dsc00015 dsc00016 dsc00023 dsc00024 dsc00025
going subject! Out in the Panhandle with Kibble!
dsc00026 dsc00027 dsc00028 dsc00033 dsc00034
Stalking the bed basset with nightshot! And with the flash. Back in the Panhandle. Several different settings.
dsc00035 dsc00036 dsc00037
All still cute, but this one's a little dark. Computer room (DS9?)