Saturday, March 5, 2005
Goodbye, London!

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Gwen packs. A last view of our non-bed hotel room area. How old are those oranges? Gwen wishes we could fill a suitcase full of Sainsbury's Elderflower and Pear flavo(u)red water. We wheel our luggage away from the Bonnington. Iconoclast Gwen was intrigued by the New Culture Revolution,
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whereas I was more interested in Spink. Keen eyes can spot the new Great Court through the trees in Russell Square. Tilework is also quite common for tube platforms. As we make our way to the plane, I spot a control tower at Heathrow. And 11 short hours later, here we are back home, with a sunny, mid-70s day greeting us.
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I look a little worse for wear as we await our transport home. Back to the land of overpasses! Kibble collapses as we bring her back home. Her quality bed time
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is only interrupted by the appearance and
imgp3010 imgp3011 imgp3012 imgp3013
disposal of Rosumunde's sausages.