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Back to London.

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The clock tower on St. Nicholas Cathedral. Castle Garth The Newcastle Heritage Trail is marked with these cute seals in the sidewalk. The Church of St. John the Baptist. It's got a nice clock tower.
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Hey--a familiar name! Weather delays keep us in the plane at the airport. The aforementioned bridges (once we finally are airborne). We ride a lot of escalators in the Underground. Our local Sainsbury's, supplier of our snacks and staples.
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Gwen admires the balcony above St. Stephen's Tavern. No one seems to talk much about Big Ben's tower's older brother. Parliament Square makes me feel like I'm back home. Several London attractions. Our photographer has a bit of a cropping problem.
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"Hey kids, Houses of Parliament!"
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St. Margaret's Church has a nice collection of sundials (this is the east face). Huge buttresses. Famous neighbors. Clocks are quite the exception at the Palace of Westminster--and what's up with the black turret?