Saturday, February 26, 2005
Traveling to London

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Gwen is still perky in the international terminal of SFO. Our standard shot featuring our home for the next 10 hours. "Pre-Boarding: 1555ish" doesn't sound too professional. Gwen starts to get a little punchy and the flight's just starting!
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I get a window seat. Gwen likes the wingtips on Virgin Atlantic. Finally in the Underground, Gwen is starting to look bleary. But a quick waffle helps as a sleep substitute. Keen eyes will spot snowflakes (and note that Gwen's not taken off her gloves).
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Gwen on a footbridge over Camden canal. And here are the actual locks that give Camden Lock Market its name. Hmmm. In the hotel room, we see that having a common language doesn't necessarily eliminate all confusion.