Friday, January 14, 2005 1-25 | 26-48
Second set of pictures from Philip's visit.

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I catch Philip without giving him time to prepare his customary vacant look! Philip spots Alcatraz. At the top of Coit Tower, the windows are paved with coin! View down The Embarcadero. Flat, flat, Treasure Island.
imgp2570 imgp2571 imgp2572 imgp2573 imgp2574
Pier 29 and Teatro Zinzani. Coit Tower's shadow points north at midday. A container ship passes (one of) the marina(s). Aquatic Park. More of Alcatraz.
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Washington Square. A different view of Garfield Elementary. A view back downtown. Philip and open sky at the nozzle top. From this height, this is a lethal assortment!
imgp2584 imgp2588 imgp2590 imgp2564 imgp2591
Looking west (and keen eyes will spot the famous stretch of Lombard Street). Back on the ground, one of the murals makes me think of Kibble. Philip also likes the murals. San Francisco is a happening place! Looking out the main entrance, Christopher Columbus seems to pine for Alcatraz.
imgp2592 imgp2593 imgp2594 imgp2597 imgp2598
Coit Tower in silhouette. And with a different exposure, Philip pops out of the shadows. Finally on Treasure Island, we gaze back to a foggy San Francisco skyline. The nice City-side half of the Bay Bridge. And here's the less elegant cantilevered Oakland half.