Wednesday, October 27, 2004 1-25 | 26-30
First two days of a trip to Los Angeles for a Kevn Kinney show.

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Memorial to shoes at our hotel overflow parking garage. Gwen at the historic Tail o' the Pup. A view of last night's venue, the King King club, from our hotel window. Lunch in Echo Park, here's its lake. Not all of it is pretty or inviting,
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but it has a lovely island accessed by a bridge. I'm not sure why a lake would need a lighthouse, but maybe it's so you can find your way to the paddleboat dock. Unfortunately, the bridge is closed, but the birds are undeterred. A final look over the lake.
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Driving away, the mural reminds me of similar ones in the Mission district back home. The iconic "Randy's Donuts" is easy to spot, but the menu is bewildering. Evidently "raised" means "covered", as in "chocolate-raised". Henson Studios' main entrance on North La Brea. The Ripley's Hollywood. Outside the famous , I see out-of-work superheroes.
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We hydrate Kibble in the hotel leaving her on her own recognizance while we head out to see the city lights. The marquee at the King King. Neon draws you to a door, but the entrance is actually in the back. Los Angeles has quite a large number of striking movie theaters,
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including the delightfully 50s Cinerama Dome, which still boasts a cinerama-compliant (of the famed "filmed in Cinerama" tagline) screen! And a little further down the block is a familiar site but much larger than our neighborhood version. You'd think it'd have been decades since Air India last used this mascot, but you'd be wrong. The courtyard at Grauman's Egyptian, (one of?) the first movie palace(s) in Hollywood.