Saturday, October 9, 2004 1-25 | 26-33
The second show is back in Atlanta.

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Back in Atlanta the next day, I snap another picture of the house we built before the current owner comes out to see what's happening. This is a brand-new strip mall near our house where a garden center used to be. Gwen loved Cubans from Kool Korner. Stains around the air conditioner usually mean that either something very good (rarely) or very bad happens inside. Inside, you see the short menu. And here's where the magic happens!
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You might think the focus here is the convertible, but it's not. Tot advertising is always a real turn-off. Ahhh--A Chick-Fil-A (one of us must be on the wrong side of the tracks). I stumble across tomorrow's scheduled lunch venue as I'm returning the rental. East Point's City Hall is more modest than Athens'.
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I can remember when Hardee's wasn't a division of Carl's Jr.. During lunch with Tom, we get to see a few biplanes at PDK. And now a large number of shots (of varying quality) from Kevn's show at Smith's Olde Bar.
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