Friday, October 8, 2004 1-25 | 26-27
A trip back South for a pair of Kevn Kinney shows.

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Say it ain't so--Tom's joined the SUV crowd! The old Atlanta homestead. Gwen's "Pick U Wind" has gotten spiffed! Our old intersection back into Buford Highway--a surprisingly safe and easy left turn across 4 lanes of traffic. Ahhh, greasy and cheap is always a tasty combination. Murray's doesn't disappoint (be sure to ask for their garlic crust).
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Steve and Tom stock up at a vending machine at the Japanese restaurant (they always have the best). Ahh, and now I make it to Athens for tonight's show. My first stop has to be a pilgrimage to The Varsity Athens. Inside, the air is heavy with the sweet smell of well-maintained friers. Hey--it seems like a little bit of San Francisco! Thankfully my karma still feels just fine. Athens City Hall at night.
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It also has a noteworthy (unique) double barrel cannon. Final view. I suspect this is an unaffiliated place of worship.... Street Bulldog. Outside the world-famous 40 Watt.
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You can see Kevn on the marquee. And here's the stage. A random snippet of video (did I press the wrong button in the dark?) of "This Train Don't Stop at the Millworks Anymore". And finally here he is, complete with his son Tyler on harmonica. A bot more of a zoom-in.
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With long exposure, even the normally staid Kevn becomes a blur of motion. Outside, I feel a sense of solidarity with Athenians. Much of the South is conservative, but small towns with serious higher learning facilities are real gems. Back at The Varsity, I'm struck by the bad parallelism in the prohibitions. Clearly, they help keep prices low by not hiring English majors to write their copy. Mmmmm. The gateway to flavor! And one final exterior shot.