Saturday, August 7, 2004 1-25 | 26-27
Day 2 of the visit: we explore non-downtown San Francisco.

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A striking water lilly in the Conservatory of Flowers. My mom spies something the videographer missed. An unguarded moment. I bring up the rear. My father likes to get his money's worth ($5!) on his admission price.
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I suspect there are a lot of colors in this that insects appreciate more than I. And now we find our way out to the Rose Garden in Golden Gate Park. Gwen wants lots
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of shots for desktop pictures
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for work. And now we continue our trip to the Palace of Fine Arts. Lots of people think it's quite picturesque. And we conclude our sightseeing at Fort Point, the first US military brick fort built west of the Mississippi.
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From the top level, you can see the work on the Golden Gate Bridge seismic retrofit. And here's the Fort Point Lighthouse. My father weathers the cold. The fog arrives! And my mom snaps a shot of my father.