Friday, August 6, 2004
First full day of my folks' visit: the Winchester Mystery House by day and City Hall by night.

im000118 imgp2072 im000114 imgp2073 imgp2074
Neither City Hall nor a particularly mysterious house--it's our house! My father in his RV. In front of a nice leaded window. My mom admires the inlaid floors and catches me snapping a picture.
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My father heads to the fruit drying shed. Nice view from an inside courtyard. My father, the humming videographer. The front of the house. Nothing gets missed.
im000116 im000117 im000123 im000124 im000126
My mom catches a picture. Three-quarters shot of the front of the house. My father documents our visit to City Hall. As do I--surprisingly, it's our first time in City Hall as well, and it's gorgeous. My mom likes flags.
im000127 im000128 im000129 imgp2081 imgp2082
The grand Central Staircase. And inside the dome. I believe the building (like the Palace of Fine Arts) is always booked up with weddings. Immortalizing the capturing of a capturing of a moment.
imgp2083 imgp2084 im000121 imgp2085 imgp2086
My father runs out of steam. So, we leave City Hall behind and head to dinner at the House of Prime Rib.