Sunday, July 4, 2004 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-89
A big day out: the annual 4th of July Parade in Novato.

imgp1957 imgp1958 imgp1959 imgp1960 imgp1961
The right way to tailgate. High-tech pup. Rainbow pup.
imgp1962 imgp1963 imgp1964 imgp1965 imgp1966
Freaky Basset head cutout. Jester pup.
imgp1967 imgp1968 imgp1969 imgp1970 imgp1971
Others also arrive in wagons. This one even has a shirt (vest?). A sea of Basset Hounds and owners.
imgp1972 imgp1973 imgp1974 imgp1975 imgp1976
Super-devil dog? And here we all are on the move (finally).
imgp1977 imgp1978 imgp1979 imgp1980 imgp1981
Turning the corner.