Tuesday, April 13, 2004 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-61
First full day in Brisbane takes place almost exclusively OUT of Brisbane.

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After an hour on the bus, Philip and I finally get to stretch at The Big Pineapple. It sure is big. Philip finally figures out why they call this attraction The Big Pineapple. Another skillful use of "The Pod". A view from the top of the pineapple to the overflow parking lot across the highway.
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Philip enters a pineapple orifice. Inside the pineapple, Philip gives us "one of these". An advanced maneuver with the Pod AND flash. From the top of the pineapple, I spot "The Big Macadamia". There must be something in the water.
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Pineapple groves. We approach the Big Macadamia, which, oddly enough, features an exhibition of "night creatures". Meanwhile, others have surmounted the pineapple. The overflow parking lot (over the pedestrian bridge) makes me think that they had grander plans.
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Back on the road, I spot more odd place names. Several times that day, we passed Aussie World and the Ettamogah Pub. Next, we hit the Australia Zoo. Here's Steve Irwin introducing his Asian elephants. The
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crowd loves seeing Steve bait