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First day in Sydney.

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The shape of things to come: Philip naps.
And then he's "ON" to experience his first potato-leek tart.
I love puns--especially if they're regionally-specific.
Advertising is certainly more liberal here.
Our hotel is near Paddy's Market and the (useless to us) monorail.
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Philip takes pictures at the koi pond.  I remind him that those fish'll flush counter-clockwise.
A collection of Aussie flags at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center.  I don't know why this subset of flags is chosen.
The Chinese Garden of Friendship in Tumbalong Park.
Minis seem to be quite the prevalent marketing tool.  This is a sports bar.
Baristas Coffee uses only the largest beans, it seems.
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Philip and the former Sega World.
The Garrison Church.
The Argyle Steps.
Philip lunges for that perfect shot.
A different view of the Garrison Church.
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The southern toll plaza for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Sydney Observatory. Massive older transit telescope.
Looking up at the southern transit telescope.
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View of the Bridge (my favorite link) from Observatory Hill.
Looking at the northern face of the observatory.
ANZAC Bridge.
The harbourmaster's control tower.

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