Sunday, March 7, 2004 1-25 | 26-34
Bussing into the Mission for fresh churros and then and afternoon walk at Chrissy Field.

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Wasteland: today a groovy vintage clothing store; in the 60s, a staid grocery (believe it or not). Villains has a cool marquee mural. Burgermeister has the best burgers in the area, even if it involves a (short) walk to Cole Valley. It even features a neighborhood park next for for al fresco dining with Kibble! A pair of base-identical houses on Cole Street. What a difference detail can make! This cool-looking house loses points for having its detail only painted-on on top of a flat stucco.
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Back on Haight Street, it's the historic Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast. Don't be fooled: it's actually an edwardian.... Here's a pair of mirror-image victorians, still differing only in minor trim and colors. This salmon-colored Victorian on Page Street has a nice new paint job. Here's a typical view (minus the sun) down Haight Street while I'm waiting for the bus. And here's a zoom-in of the north side of Haight Street between Cole and Clayton.
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And this is our neighborhood Post Office (with the flag) and the Free Clinic at the corner of Haight and Clayton. Now in the Mission, you start to see lots of elaborate murals. And on our way to fresh churros, we happen to pass the Brava Theater. And in the afternoon, we take Kibble to Crissy Field. Sailboats swarm around Alcatraz.
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Need I say? Open fields of tufty grass fatigue Kibble. Under Gwen's tender care she recovers enough
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to shun a drink of water. The city skyline in the distance. Kibble takes a breather and then resumes the stroll. The grass is almost taller than she,