Thursday, March 4, 2004
More testing with the new digicam.

imgp0121 imgp0122 imgp0123 imgp0126 imgp0127
Another Basset! A test of the IR remote--that's my hand! The Panhandle. And Kibble's always a willing subject.
imgp0128 imgp0131 imgp0132 imgp0134 imgp0135
Pair of identical houses on Oak. The stacked bay windows are quite nice.
imgp0136 imgp0137 imgp0138 imgp0139 imgp0140
The sky seems to turn out nicely if it's the majority of the scene. However with more terrestrial detail, the sky seems blown-out. Kibble in motion (testing the movie mode).
imgp0141 imgp0145 imgp0146
Long exposure of zig-zag path. More houses on Oak. Note that the long exposure caught all three lights on the stop light.