Saturday, August 30, 2003 1-25 | 26-33
A quick spin through Sydney before our afternoon return flight back home.

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Words to live by.
An almost postcard shot
of the monorail!
I've not convinced Gwen to dine here yet.
Harbourside Mall and our hotel.
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AMP Centrepoint and monorail.
The Flying Angel Seafarers Centre has a nice building.
Nice building in Chinatown.
Eating World--almost mediocre food QUITE cheap.
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Chinatown gate: "Understand Virtue and Trust"
Fond memories of college.
"Continue the Past into the Future"  (Good advice only if things are currently going well....)
"Towards Australian and Chinese Friendship"
"Within the Four Seas All Men are Brothers" (What about the other three?)
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Golden Watermouth.
Upside-down wok?  Satellite dish?
Trades Hall has a nice building.
Another view of Eating World.
Common myna.
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A series of pics at Tumbalong Park.
The distinctive (and defunct) Sega World building.
White ibises.
Another view of the park.
More ibises.

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