Friday, August 29, 2003 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-100 | 101-115
Lots of time by the coast (and the Bondi Explorer).

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One of the impressive side entrances to the Queen Victoria Building.
Curious monument in Hyde Park to Mayor George Thornton.  Note that it's open at the top and read why....
Oblique view of the Avenue of Figs.
The ANZAC Memorial and Pool of Reflection.
Another view of the Avenue of Figs.  Cops must've cleaned it up 'cause there's no H here!
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Large chess board.
Gwen and Archibald Fountain.
Hyde Park Barracks.
Passing by one of the corners of the Royal Botanic Gardens.  What was I really targeting?  Who knows....
Interesting double-skin of glass.
dscf4151 dscf4155 dscf4153 dscf4154 dscf4156
The State Library of New South Wales
(Mitchell Library).
Rose Bay convent and catholic school.
Its view of Sydney Harbour.
Our intrepid adventurers.
The bus stop sign.  Can you tell we had time to kill here?  The bus was running ahead of schedule, so the driver stopped for a smoke.
dscf4157 dscf4158 dscf4160 dscf4161 dscf4162
Gwen models the bus.
Rose Bay itself.  Notice the Catalina Restaurant?
And here are a bunch of pictures at Gap Park.

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I understand all of this sign except for one icon.  Is castle building permitted?

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