Thursday, August 28, 2003 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-100 | 101-107
A day trip to Manly Beach--mostly just an excuse for taking a LOT of desktop pictures.

dscf3999 dscf4003 dscf4004 dscf4007 dscf4008
Across the street from our hotel is the unappetizingly-named "Kopper Karrot".
Waiting for the ferry on Pyrmont Bay Wharf.
Three views
of Sydney Opera House.
Choose the one you like best for a wallpaper.
dscf4009 dscf4010 dscf4011 dscf4013 dscf4014
Quay. Don't think that yacht's tall enough to use the restaurant(!) gangway.
The obligatory postcard shot.  Why can't other tourists try interesting framing like I do?
The Quay again.
dscf4015 dscf4016 dscf4017 dscf4018 dscf4019
This is the light rail station.
From here on, this is just the ferry ride to Manly Beach.  I'll only caption pictures with interesting (i.e., not just scenic) content.

dscf4020 dscf4021 dscf4022 dscf4023 dscf4024
Government House and wall.

dscf4025 dscf4026 dscf4028 dscf4029 dscf4030

Bridge climbers!

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