Wednesday, August 20, 2003 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-94
A free day in and about Darwin.

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Seahorse mosaic at the northern end of Bicentennial Park.
And a jellyfish.
And a normal fish.
And a crab.
And a turtle.  Collect the whole set!
dscf3226 dscf3227 dscf3228 dscf3230 dscf3231
Mangrove trees growing in salt water at high tide.  Mangroves are one of very few land plants (and perhaps the only tree) that can grow in salt water.
The water does rise pretty high on them.
Gwen likes the metal utility poles.  Are they really a good idea?
A frangipani tree in suburban Darwin.
Road workers pour a new curb.
dscf3232 dscf3233 dscf3234 dscf3236 dscf3237
Gwen and I find the Mindil Beach lot where the markets will be held tomorrow.
Another view--this will be covered with booths tomorrow.
The last rise before the beach.
And we reach the beach!
Gwen starts collecting seashells.
dscf3238 dscf3239 dscf3240 dscf3241 dscf3242
I thought this would make a great desktop pic.  I also needed to amuse myself while
Gwen collected
seashells. Another nice view of Mindil Beach looking northward,
Sorry to hear about Nate....
dscf3243 dscf3244 dscf3245 dscf3246 dscf3247
It's tough to get level shots without using the camera's LCD.
Looking southward on the beach.
Nice textures
of the lapping surf.
Looking back toward shore.

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