Saturday, August 16, 2003 - Monday, August 18, 2003
Start of AusTour 03!

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Waiting for the SuperShuttle to SFO.
Gwen adopts a stray paperback as we wait for our first flight.
Gwen presses a stranger to document our first wait.
Finally aboard our LAX->MEL leg, Gwen takes advantage of the next-gen in-flight entertainment
but eventually succumbs around the seventh hour of the flight.
dscf3091 dscf3092 dscf3093 dscf3094 dscf3096
I, however, am still (blearily) going!
A brief stopover in the Melourne airport gives Gwen a chance to tap another stranger.
Two flights later,  and we arrive in Darwin.  This is the view from our home for the next four days (Holiday Inn Darwin), overlooking the eastern part of Darwin.
And after a quick shower to wash off the previous 27 hours of accumulated travel funk, Gwen and I head out for some sunset pics in the Esplanade across the street.
Gwen likes graffiti.
dscf3097 dscf3098 dscf3099
Gwen takes advantage of a free play area.
Reclaimed gun from sunken USS Peary.  Hey--somebody else took my shot!
Another memorial in Bicentennial Park.

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