Friday, July 4, 2003 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-68
Bassets in Novato Parade and picnic.

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Pre-treating some of the paraders.
Three generations of bassets.
Romping rump.
The registration table.
Knot of bassets.
dscf2970 dscf2971 dscf2972 dscf2973 dscf2974
The royal chariot.
Taut leashes.
Wrapt. Another knot.
Sitting on butt!
dscf2975 dscf2976 dscf2977 dscf2978 dscf2979
The haywagon arrives.
King Alvin.
Rascal pup.
A false start causes everyone to gather.
And the crowd starts to thin when we don't start.
dscf2980 dscf2981 dscf2982 dscf2983 dscf2984
Mid-drool. Unfaithful Gwen.
Caught. Bagel or obese beagle?
Waiting and wilting.
dscf2985 dscf2987 dscf2988 dscf2989 dscf2990
Kibble meets Queen Chelsea.
King Alvin and audience.
Queen Chelsea sniffs filth.
Lotsa digicams.
Tom Drooley?

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