Saturday, June 14, 2003 1-25 | 26-34
Kibble in flowers and at Burgermeister.

dscf2915 dscf2916 dscf2917 dscf2918 dscf2919
Kibble endures
another bath.
Rolling in flowers
is fun
dscf2920 dscf2921 dscf2922 dscf2923 dscf2924
until there's
something better
to sniff.
Kibble starts to brown out.
Alert again.
dscf2925 dscf2926 dscf2927 dscf2928 dscf2929
And on the move.
Another try at framing
Kibble in flowers.
dscf2930 dscf2931 dscf2932 dscf2933 dscf2934
She's down! Tongue. Tired of
this game.
dscf2935 dscf2936 dscf2937 dscf2938 dscf2939
dogs get Burgermeister treat.

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