Sunday, March 16, 2003 1-25 | 26-40
Picnic and walks at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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The northern end of the bridge.
A nice triptych
of Gwen
baiting Kibble.
Artillery mounts with the Golden Gate Bridge peaking over the embankments.
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The Waldo Tunnel.
San Francisco and the Bay Bridge behind the Golden Gate Bridge.
The road up to the summit of the Marin Headlands.
Fort Baker's marina.
The construction ongoing at Vista Point.
dscf2832 dscf2833 dscf2834 dscf2835 dscf2837
Alcatraz. Battery Spencer
with the closer tower.
Long shot of Golden Gate Bridge.
A view of San Francisco through the bridge cables.  Keen eyes will spot Crissy Field on the coast.
dscf2838 dscf2839 dscf2840 dscf2841 dscf2842
Alcatraz, Yerba Buena, and the eastern span of the Bay Bridge.
Whoops--slightly different angle.
Gwen and Kibble at the Golden Gate Bridge overlook.
Gwen likes the non-Roman graffiti.
Another of the hidden batteries
dscf2843 dscf2844 dscf2845 dscf2846 dscf2847
amongst the headlands.
The southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge with Baker Beach and Golden Gate Park visible.
Long shot of same.
These duplicates are embarrassing, no?
On a Battery Spencer roof.

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