Saturday, March 8, 2003
Panhandle and Bernal Heights pictures.

dscf2803 dscf2810 dscf2811 dscf2812 dscf2813
Kibble in her natural environment.
The Panhandle gets new lamp posts for the pedestrian paths.
OK, this is actually a San Bruno critter.
Financial District looms in the distance at Bernal Heights.
Another of the nifty retro Safeway stores.
dscf2814 dscf2815 dscf2816 dscf2817 dscf2818
Bay Bridge from the summit of Bernal Heights.
Buena Vista Park on the center horizon.
Sutro Tower and Twin Peaks.
View west from Bernal Heights.
101/280 interchange with Candlestick Park in the distance.
dscf2819 dscf2820
Part of the massive antenna complex at the summit of Bernal Hill.
(A small) part of the former Naval Shipyards at Hunters Point.

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