Saturday, November 23, 2002 1-25 | 26-26
A trip to the Wave Organ and Baker Beach.

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Another fun San Francisco car. Above the Wave Organ, perhaps San Francisco's classiest trash can! Kibble peers into the marina. Gwen in front of one of the tubes. Kibble has had enough of the odd sounds.
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Looking down on me. I entice Kibble closer. But she feels pretty safe behind the bulwarks. Bulwark with a view. And again.
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Kibble and I amongst the pipes. Gwen sits on a bench with the Marina district in the background. Kibble and Gwen emerge from the Wave Organ. A view from the Wave Organ. Kibble and one of the cemetery erratics. 
dscf2378 dscf2380 dscf2381 dscf2382 dscf2383
And a view of Alcatraz. And now, here we are at Fort Chamberlain near Baker Beach.  This is one of the disappearing guns, popping up only to fire, and then hiding to reload. Munition bunkers. Not sure what this was, as there were only ever two guns installed here.  There were two of these platforms. Kibble stops for a water break.
dscf2384 dscf2385 dscf2386 dscf2387 dscf2388
A different view of the previous disappearing gun. And a view south along Baker Beach. And a view north. This really demonstrates how trees prevent erosion! And a movie of waves crashing on the shore.

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