Saturday, August 31, 2002 1-30 | 31-47
A trip to Portland for Kevn Kinney!

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Kibble is restless when there's big packing. Gwen spies something else for the duffel bag. And then poses for the camera. The ladies are loaded. We walk Kibble in Columbia Park.
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Kibble takes a breather in the 80+ degree heat. Posed. And again. I document Kibble's olfactory skills. Gwen liked all the trees.
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The hunter becomes the hunted. Another breather. No sense in standing. Back on the move. And the video camera is back at work.
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Kibble moseys off. The venue for Kevn's performance. Its large signage. Another shot. Entrance and performance hall behind.
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We meet the man! The stage is set. Kevn. Again. And again.
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And again. And again. The stage (with a flash) during the set break. Kevn performs a snippet of "Passing Through". And a still with a fine-tuned manual setup (instead of the previous overly-dark Auto setting).

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