Saturday, August 24, 2002 1-30 | 31-34
King's trip to Southern California: Los Angeles.

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Warner/Pacific Theatre. All of a sudden, I feel like I'm back in Atlanta. I touch base with the newest Amoeba Records. The famous sign. The window display is almost identical to ours (in the Haight).
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Apple's West Coast flagship store at The Grove. View of McCabe's Guitar Shop (where Kevn Kinney will be playing) from my hotel. One of the "Tommy's" competitors. Gwen's latest addiction. Hmmm.  I'm not too sure about this....
dsc00078 dsc00079 dsc00081 dsc00082 dsc00083
The Apple Store in Glendale. Not to be confused with the "Mac" store across from it. Entirely unexpectedly, I stumble across Griffith Observatory. View from the observatory. The east dome, which contains the Zeiss telescope.
dsc00084 dsc00085 dsc00086 dsc00087 dsc00088
The west dome, which houses the coelostat. See? The center dome, which houses the planetarium. View of the front from the extreme west. Circling
dsc00089 dsc00091 dsc00092 dsc00094 dsc00095
around to east, Another view of the sign. And I find the elusive Batcave!
dsc00099 dsc00100 dsc00101 dsc00102 dsc00103
Testing the camcorder's self timer. The unassuming access road. And the parking lot for the Batcave.  Where's my Batmobile? Evidently super-villains aren't Batman's only worries.  This is the entrance to Griffith Park you want (the one which mentions Bronson Caves).

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