Sunday, July 28, 2002 1-30 | 31-38
Walking Kibble at Fort Mason and Maritime Park.

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Looking westward in the Great Meadow.  Northwest view. Paths to piers. Close-up of Marina District and Fort Point arch in the background. The Phil Burton statue in the Great Meadow.
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The Palace of Fine Arts rotunda. The palm tree grove where Kibble likes to picnic. Bufano "Peace" statue. Groovy original Safeway architecture. Barracks near the piers.
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One of the Blue and Gold fleet heads out to the Golden Gate. Conference Center (and Rotunda). Golden Gate Bridge across the red tile roofs. A famous neighbor. Marina Green.
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Low-flying geese in "V" formation. One of the Blue and Gold fleet returns. North bay over the roofs. The open water. And Kibble and I take the ramp down to Maritime Park.
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The Balclutha. Cruise ship docked at Fisherman's Wharf. And we enter Maritime Park. View across the Aquatic Park. Closer to the Balclutha.
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The Cannery and greenspace in Maritime Historic Park. Grandstands for Aquatic Park. The Maritime Museum. The Municipal Pier. Historic ships dock at Hyde Street Pier.

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