Friday, July 13, 2002
A weekend trip back to Chattanooga.

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A view of Chattanooga from my parents' patio. Construction at the neighbor's house. Out and about: The Chattanooga Little Theatre Mom looks at the carousel building in Coolidge Park. More of the facilites.
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Coolidge Park (Market Street Bridge in the distance).  The fountain. And a better shot of the stage at Coolidge Park. And we finally reach the Walnut Street pedestrian bridge. The Market Street Bridge.
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View north to Coolidge Park with dock. Maclelland Island. Hunter Art Museum. Veterans' Bridge. Long shot of the Bluff View area.
dscf2078 dscf2079 dscf2080 dscf2081 dscf2082
Dad tends to the steaks. Left-to-right: Mom, brother Alex, me, Dad, Grandma, and niece Elizabeth. Whispering at the table! Two generatations of Rhotons. Main entrance to the Hunter Art Museum.  Love that gate!
dscf2083 dscf2084 dscf2086
North view of Market Street Bridge from the Riverwalk. The Tennessee Aquarium. My ride back to San Francisco.  Propellers: how quaint!

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