Sunday, June 30, 2002
Misc picture from a bike ride through Golden Gate Park

dscf2027 dscf2028 dscf2030 dscf2031 dscf2033
The merry-go-round restoration is complete! Another view of the Sharon Building. A view of the California Academy of Science from the eastern end of the concourse. The Chong-Moon Asian Art Museum and the lot which used to be the deYoung. The Prayerbook Cross.
dscf2034 dscf2035 dscf2036 dscf2037 dscf2038
Sweet?  Swank? Freaky?  No, funktastic! The northern Dutch windmill. The southern Murphy Windmill And a long shot.  Needless to say, it's undergoing rennovation. One of the sail remnants.
dscf2039 dscf2041 dscf2046 dscf2048 dscf2049
Another shot of the California Academy of Science (on my way back). And the bandshell. A close-up. And another close-up of the Chong-Moon Asian Art Museum. Straight-on view of the northern entrance of the California Academy of Science.
dscf2050 dscf2051 dscf2052 dscf2053 dscf2054
The bandshell again. Entrance to the Japanese Tea Garden. Lindy isn't the only thing done in the bandshell--have Argentine Tango lessons! Re-oriented. And a close-up of the entrance.

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