Saturday, June 15, 2002
Crissy Field

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Lunch with my Alcatel friends Hemant (right) and Namit (left) at Wonder Wok. Gwen joins us for the picture (but starts to brown-out). Machine shops and Golden Gate Bridge on-ramp at Crissy Field. Marine Sanctuary Center. Palace of Fine Arts rotunda and Financial District in the distance.
dscf1987 dscf1989 dscf1990 dscf1991 dscf1992
Golden Gate Bridge spanning the entrance to the bay. Time traveller passes the fishing pier (or Torpedo Wharf). Southern arch which accommodates Fort Point. Another GGB shot. Different orientation.
dscf1993 dscf1994 dscf1995 dscf1996 dscf1997
Fort Point nestles under the Golden Gate Bridge. Alcatraz. Looking back to the earlier pier. Infrastructure of the southernmost span. More of the span.
dscf1998 dscf1999 dscf2000 dscf2001 dscf2002
Apex of Fort Point arch. Looking eastward from Fort Point. The Yacht Club building and Alcatraz. Just the Yacht Club building. Golden Gate Bridge from the Marina.
dscf2003 dscf2004 dscf2005 dscf2006 dscf2009
Fire engine parked at the Marina. Odd lighthouse at the Marina. Palace of Fine Arts rotunda through the Marina. Similar treatment for Sutro Tower. Half-block demolition at Haight and Cole.
dscf2011 dscf2012
Closer view.  What is coming? Dave and Kirsten's house.

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