Sunday, April 28, 2002 1-30 | 31-39
A trip up the North Coast.

dscf1883 dscf1885 dscf1886 dscf1887 dscf1890
A quick stop at Stinson Beach.  Note the subtle chameleon dog! Looking north up the coast. Looking south. Again. And we reach Point Reyes.  This is a path to an overlook.
dscf1891 dscf1892 dscf1893 dscf1894 dscf1895
View north of Point Reyes Beach South. View from overlook. View north again. Another view from overlook. Another view north.
dscf1898 dscf1904 dscf1917 dscf1921 dscf1924
Gwen steals a picture from the summit of Point Reyes. Douglas' Iris. Some variety of suncup? The overlook. And we contemplate heading out for a better view.
dscf1925 dscf1926 dscf1927 dscf1928 dscf1930
Kib's got big ears. And a sweet tongue. DSCF1927.JPG Another suncup. Closeup.
dscf1931 dscf1935 dscf1937 dscf1938 dscf1939
Franciscan Thistle. Franciscan Thistle in bloom. Can't decide on a single shot of the beach. And one more. Iron veins in the cliffs?
dscf1941 dscf1943 dscf1944 dscf1945 dscf1946
Nice surf. Kibble pounds out the path. And again. Sea lion overlook. Zoom-in.

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