Sunday, April 21, 2002 1-30 | 31-35
Mostly a shots at the Palace of Fine Arts (forgoing repetitive captions).

dscf1830 dscf1831 dscf1832 dscf1833 dscf1834
Saturday, a trip to Weird Stuff nets cool Apple gear and an old IBM box. Rotunda.
dscf1836 dscf1837 dscf1838 dscf1840 dscf1841

Turtle ready for a break. Up and on!
dscf1842 dscf1845 dscf1846 dscf1848 dscf1851

dscf1852 dscf1853 dscf1854 dscf1855 dscf1856

dscf1857 dscf1858 dscf1860 dscf1861 dscf1862

Not sure where they get married, but it's a common site for wedding shots.

dscf1863 dscf1865 dscf1867 dscf1868 dscf1871
You can spot some of the rotunda netting in this shot. Nice reflection shot.  Others have had the same idea. Basking turtles. And big fish! A view down a row of colonades.

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