Sunday, March 17, 2002
Windy dusk at Baker Beach.

dscf1729 dscf1730 dscf1731 dscf1735 dscf1737
Wind giving me that "Wolfman Jack" vibe. Kibble investigates a mound.  Kibble as a Batman villain. Kibble has a (not so secret) crush. It's amazing how much of San Francisco makes such good calendar art....
dscf1740 dscf1741 dscf1742 dscf1743 dscf1744
Gwen experiments with silhouettes. A complex that pretty and with that good a location must be a seaside villa.  Or a water treatment plant. Homes overlooking Baker Beach. Other onlookers. A texture for Philip.
dscf1745 dscf1747 dscf1748 dscf1749 dscf1755
So this is where the Pacific originates! More of Baker Beach. Gwen gazes at the Marin Headlands.  Nice butt-sweats! More artsy version of previous. Kibble sniffs for sea critters.
dscf1756 dscf1757 dscf1759
I think I know of some cream which would resolve that. More calendar art. With a text overlay, this might even be good enough for postcard art!

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