Sunday, March 10, 2002
Walking Kibble to the top of Buena Vista.

dscf1703 dscf1704 dscf1706 dscf1707 dscf1708
But first, it's the Atomz booth at AIIM SF (Moscone South). And now, a view of the Financial District from Buena Vista. View east to San Francisco Bay. Twin Peaks. Kibble takes a breather at the summit of Buena Vista.
dscf1709 dscf1713 dscf1714 dscf1716 dscf1718
View through the trees to Western Addition. North-northeast view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Northeast view to San Francisco Bay inlet. My first banana slug! Panhandle, St. Ignatius church, and St. Mary's Hospital.
dscf1719 dscf1720 dscf1722 dscf1723 dscf1724
Pull-back of previous shot. View down Frederick Street. Better framing of St. Ignatius. Slow pan east. Ending up in a north-facing shot.
Love this house--especially the glass-walled top floor and the wraught-iron peacock gate.

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