Saturday, January 12, 2002
Bay Cruise in dense fog.

dscf1512 dscf1513 dscf1514 dscf1515 dscf1516
Sea lions at Pier 39. And again. And this time, in motion! Philip braves the elements on the bow for the good shots. South tower of Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point.
dscf1519 dscf1520 dscf1521 dscf1522 dscf1523
Approaching Alcatraz from the West. And again. And again. Starting to pass to the North. Again.
dscf1524 dscf1525 dscf1526 dscf1527 dscf1528
And again. And again. And again. And again. Northern face.
dscf1530 dscf1531 dscf1532 dscf1533 dscf1534
Closeup (with lighthouse). Approacing the dock. Passing the dock. Leaving the dock. The Eastern edge.
dscf1535 dscf1536 dscf1538 dscf1539 dscf1540
Leaving Alcatraz behind. In the distance. Ferry Building. The Mechanics Monument at Market and Bush. They specialize in everything!
dscf1541 dscf1543 dscf1544
Side view of Saint Ignatius. Front view. 2400 Fulton Street: home of Jefferson Airplane.

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