Saturday, October 21, 2001 1-25 | 26-32
Bridge School Benefit 2001

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Memphis in the Panhandle. Kibble spies Memphis. Kibble meets Memphis. And Kibble moves on.... Daly City Krispy Kreme in progress.  Looks more than 3 weeks from completion to me!
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Sk8 and b1k3 rats invade the Panhandle. Neil Young opens the show. Jill "I Kissed a Girl" Sobule. And Jill performes the first cover of the day: "Survivor"! Jill again.
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Next up: Ben Harper. And he covers "Sexual Healing". Crowd shot. Billy Idol.  Billy again.
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And he covers "For What it's Worth" (with a crib sheet). Tracy Chapman. And finally, R.E.M.! And again. And again.
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And again. "I've Been High" "The One I Love" "Cuyahoga" Still R.E.M.

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