Saturday, October 6, 2001

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One hour after the opening of the newest Apple retail store (in Palo Alto), the line to get in still stretches half -way around the block (this is the block behind the store--the northern face of the block). This is the line on the western face of the block.  The big moving truck is packed with with free T-shirts and Evian for those in line. Another business looks to cash in on the opening day phenomenon? And Jon Rubinstein (VP Hardware) is working the floor. "The Man" takes a break in the refuge of the "Genius Bar."
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Genius Bar signeage. They finally find a way to move all of those "Snow" iMacs. Avie Tevanian, Jr. (VP Software) and Ron Johnson (VP Retail) hand out shirts. Better picture of Avie. The store front.
Kibble is a crazy dog.

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