Thursday, August 30, 2001 1-25 | 26-35
Our final day in Melbourne, and then our trip back to the states starts bright an early on the 31st.

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The rivals in daylight. Curious phone booths in Internet cafe. Example of bluestone-based construction common to Melbourne. Melbourne City Baths in daylight. Dracula's has nice architecture.
dscf1214 dscf1215 dscf1216 dscf1217 dscf1218
Different angle with the main entrance. Long shot of the Victorian Trades Hall. Closer view. "Speed dating"? I have been out of circulation too long.... Gwen considers several of her food groups at Lygon Street specialty boutique.
dscf1219 dscf1221 dscf1223 dscf1224 dscf1226
"Not to scale" is always fun! View across the Yarra from South Bank to Flinders Street Station. Eastern end. Waiting for the tram with the Shrine of Remembrance in the distance. Victorian Arts Centre spire in full cuttlefish mating action.
dscf1228 dscf1229 dscf1230 dscf1231 dscf1232
Blurry picture of the spire at night, but with the "skirt" lit. Better shot, but without the "skirt". Nice speakers and wood panelling in Cinema Nova (where we saw "He Died with a Falafel in His Hand"). And we start the long journey home on Friday morning. Qantas butt.
dscf1233 dscf1234 dscf1235 dscf1236 dscf1237
Our home for the next 15 hours. And now, a long string of photos out the window. More. And more. Eastern Australian coastline.

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