Tueday, August 28, 2001 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-91
First day in Melbourne (and Yarra River cruise).

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St. Patrick's Cathedral (from the bus--forgive the framing). Cook's Cottage, the oldest non-Aboriginal structure on the continent (predating the Voyages of Discovery).  Proving once again that with enough cash, anything is possible! Again. First floor dining room. Gwen and crib.
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Gwen waxes nostalgic for the good-ole-days of the spinning wheel. Two explorers. Cook's cottage from the rear. Gwen amongst the cineraria in the Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory. Pool in the conservatory.
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This time with fish. Me inside. Again. Gwen amongst the cyclamen. Nice copper door entrance.
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Fountain outside. Different composition. Courtyard outside. Fitzroy Gardens. Nice restroom building in Treasury Gardens.
dscf1041 dscf1042 dscf1043 dscf1044 dscf1046
Full-body shot of the conservatory. Victoria Barracks gate. The barracks themselves. Victorian Arts Centre spire. Colonial Stadium (better shots later).

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