Saturday, August 25, 2001 1-25 | 26-28
Second full day in Cairns (trip to Great Barrier Reef).

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Port Douglas. Again. And again. One of the WavePiercers like we're taking. Leaving Port Douglas (looking South).
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Choice real estate. Still leaving the port. Our wake. Me on deck as we head to the Agincourt Reef. Another view off the rear.
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Gwen soaks up perhaps too much sun. Arriving at Agincourt Reef (and the Quicksilver platform). Nothing but blue sea, white surf, and the reef shallows. And more. And more.
dscf0953 dscf0954 dscf0955 dscf0956 dscf0957
And more. And more. One of the semi-submersibles comes into view. And again. More of the reef.
dscf0959 dscf0960 dscf0961 dscf0962 dscf0963
And again. And again. Gwen recovers from the sun. Back at Port Douglas. Sugar cane fields on the ride back to Cairns.

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