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Sydney, Day 3!

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Crazy dog (emptying the extra memory card). Front the product! Back the product! The Sydney Opera House all by its lonesome. I've got the whole thing in my hand.
dscf0720 dscf0721 dscf0722 dscf0723 dscf0724
I crush your opera house! Another group of bridge climbers as seen from the southeast pylon. On the ascent. The big picture. View East (Fort Denison, Garden Island, and Sydney Opera House).
dscf0725 dscf0726 dscf0727 dscf0728 dscf0729
Southwestern pylon. View Northwest (North Sydney and Lavender Bay). Southwest pylon again (off limits to public). View Southwest (Darling Harbour and Buran).  View West (Goat Island).
dscf0730 dscf0731 dscf0732 dscf0733 dscf0734
View Southeast (Circular Quay). View South (The Rocks). Closeup of restaurants of The Rocks. View East (Sydney Opera House again). View Eastsoutheast (Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and Government House).
dscf0735 dscf0736 dscf0737 dscf0738 dscf0741
Circular Quay again. Different composition of Sydney Bay. Fort Denison. Fort Denison and Clarke Island. I mock your puny 110 and 240 volts!

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