Sunday, August 5, 2001 1-25 | 26-33
A clear, sunny day in Sutro Heights Park

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Artemis statue. Southfacing. Emerging from the western side. Westfacing. Soutwestfacing.  Discerning eyes can spot the Pacific peaking through.
dscf0499 dscf0500 dscf0501 dscf0502 dscf0503
Eastfacing from the paraphet. Seal rock and Cliff House from the paraphet. Great highway (looking south) from the paraphet. Again. And again (with more of a view of Ocean Beach).
dscf0504 dscf0505 dscf0506 dscf0507 dscf0508
Golden Gate Park through the trees (closeup). Non-closeup. Again. And again. Windmill at western end of Golden Gate Park.
dscf0509 dscf0510 dscf0511 dscf0512 dscf0513
Pacific from the paraphet. North side of the paraphet. Pacific again. Ocean Beach again. Eastfacing fro the paraphet.
dscf0514 dscf0515 dscf0516 dscf0517 dscf0518
Closeup of southeast corner of paraphet. Non-closeup. South side of paraphet. Waves in the Pacific. Great Highway again.

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