Saturday, July 28, 20011-25 | 26-37
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros free in-store concert at Haight Street Amoeba Records.
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The man works a tambourine. And sings! Action shot of Joe Strummer. And again (we had a good view, eh?) Second row, and we're still using the zoom....
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Joe again. Joe, Tymon, and Simon. Mescalero bassist, Scott Shields, shuffles over to proper guitar as Longpigs' Simon Stafford takes up bass for the tour. Scott again. Mescalero percussionist, Pablo Cook.
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And again. Back to Joe.... Joe, Tymon, and Simon again. The aforementioned Simon Stafford. And Mescalero keyboardist and catch-all musician Marin Slattery hides just out of flash range.
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Tymon Dogg. Joe's show hair. Sizeable video clip of "Johnny Appleseed." Joe belts one out. Simon again.
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Joe close-up. And a clip of "Bummed Out City" with Tymon Dogg murdering his violin. The bow's aftermath.... Joe again. And a real treat--Joe's fly down!  What a crowd-pleaser!

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