Saturday, July 7, 2001
"Chronic Night: Celebrating 20 years of R.E.M."  Benefit for Don Dixon (get well, Don!) at Chapel Hill's Cat's Cradle.
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Gracious host, Dr. David Howell, shuttles pizza home to the wife after an unfortunate parking incident at Satisfaction in Durham (best onion rings!) And, the main reason for the trip--a reunion of John Gillespie and Elaine Tola, better known as "Nikki Meets the Hibachi." Another. My only obnoxious flash.  Sorry, but I couldn't resist.  Besides, why does John only get a red spot, but Elaine gets both a red and photography-friendly white? Another shot from my seat.
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Elaine's solo of "Everybody Hurts." Nice. And again. And again. Shalini (actually Mitch Easter) covers R.E.M.'s "Wolves, Lower."  Nice!  (Joined in-progress since I was at the bar harassing John and Elaine for autographs.)
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Shalini (actually Shalini this time) covers "Try not to Breathe."  Once again, refreshingly different from the original. Mayflies USA decide to cover songs R.E.M. has covered.  Here they do VU's "Femme Fatale." Surprise guest Mike Mills joins the Mayflies USA for a cover of "Toys in the Attic!" And again. Mike whacks himself on the head during the chorus to get into the spirit of the song.
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Mike and Mayfly share a mike. And again. What a shot!  Mike Mills and MitchEaster, together again.  (And talking to Shalini, to boot!)  OK, so I used the flash twice that night.  Could you blame me?

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