July 1, 2001
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One of the city's many urban art works by Rigo.  Collect them all! The end of Kibble I see most often. A rare view of her talkin' end. Kibble yearns for the garbage. Kibble settles for her namesake.
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Manson House (636 Cole) where Charles Manson lived in a van in the garage for several months upon his release from prison in March, 1967, and recruited his first "family" members.  Is that supposed to be a dog? My favorite mural in the city--at the corner of Haight and Cole.  Look for closeups later. Never trade with an "and Things" establishment. Kibble spots more Panhandle wildlife.
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John's Grill, famouse from "The Maltese Falcon" and other Sam Spade novels. The other view. U-Lee, home of the universe's greatest pot-stickers. One of the restaurants Gwen and I tried on our first San Francisco visit.  Perfect if you want uncomfortably obsequeous service and 50's decor. Handy tunnel under Kesar Drive for easy access into Golden Gate Park.
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Sunday drum circle at base of Hippie Hill. Close-up of the drum circle. Sharon Building in Golden Gate Park where art classes are taught. Children's Merry-Go-Round in Golden Gate Park. Rear of Sharon Building.  Nice wrap-around patio!
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Kibble and I head back through the aforementioned  tunnel. Stalactites.  Oh, yes, this is "natural." A rainbow!

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