June 10, 2001
Fell Street entrance to Golden Gate Park, closed, as usual, on Sundays.  (Much of Golden Gate Park is closed to automotive traffic on Sundays so that walkers, skaters, cyclists, etc can better enjoy it.)
Kibble (10 years old today!) is enraptured sniffing an active gopher hole.
The rest of this page is shots from the Haight Street Fair.  This is a west-facing shot of Haight Street.
Too bad the shot didn't come out better--this is the booth for Pan's House of Horns.  All of your costume horn needs met!
No event is San Francisco is too small not to have a political slant.
Gwen considers a new summer fashion statement.
East-facing shot of Haight.  Clayton is our cross-street.
I suspect these people had much more fun--people-watching (especially in Haight-Ashbury) is more entertaining than booth-cruising.
And Gwen closes the the deal!
The San Francisco Atheists seem like a nice group of older gentlemen....
And if atheism isn't for you, how about this?
That's a friendly, can-do kind of attitude!
A quick test of the camera's movie mode.
Everyone likes dimensional art.
What free festival is complete without an on-site radio station presence?
More political activism.
Costumed advocate for home-ownership.
The Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast.
I always seem to learn something at any of these festivals.
The Free Energy Project waits for the rig to recharge between techno sets.
Barricades at our intersection.
And due to Haight's closing, the bus lines had to be re-routed.  (It's a bigger deal than it may sound--most (all) of the busses on Haight use the overhead electrical power, and we don't have that on Page.)
Some art isn't mass-produced simply because it's bad....
Brush with greatness--TechTV host Adam Sessler.
Fashion police!  Not every alternative clothing decision is a win.
Merle Saunders (in the tie-dye) anchors the main stage.
Gwen's favorite Thai restaurant has a booth in front of the restaurant?
Local artists hawk their comic book (err, graphic novel?)
Do people still say "rockin' the nation"?